Create this beautiful, bold, black and gold Graduation set-up for under $100!

It’s celebration time! For this special occasion, you’ll want to make sure your Graduation Party looks amazing!

We created this striking set-up for around $100, here’s how:

We used the full Black and Gold Graduation customizable and printable party set up, which includes the invitation, black and white striped background, Class of 2017 banner, cupcake toppers and wrappers, food labels, thank-you tags, mini cake bunting and a circle garland. Just download, customize for your occasion, print and assemble - and that’s a whole lot of the party already done!

Black and gold graduation table set up

The black and white background can be printed, with the ‘Class of 2017’ inside a gold glitter Quatrefoil. The paper flowers add a dramatic touch – you can look for them at a dollar store! If you have black and white striped fabric, that can work well as a backdrop too, so it might be worth comparing the cost of printing the background, with the cost of some suitable fabric. In fact, we used fabric for another Graduation set up and it worked really well too. See the fabric set up below…if you use fabric, then you can use this printable celebration banner to announce your graduation party and year over the fabric backdrop. 

Graduation Party backdrop - fabric banner

And on to the cake! We made a stylish vanilla 6 layer drip cake as the Gourmet Graduation centre piece! Put on a cake stand it really makes a statement. We created a delicate chocolate drip using equal parts melted chocolate and heavy cream to peek over the edges of the cake – hmmmm – delicious! For the topper of the cake we used this awesome golden mini cake bunting (part of the printable set), strung between two golden straws, and a couple of gold Ferrero Rocher balls made the cake look super stylish!

Graduation Party Drip Cake

See the beautiful gold circle / confetti garland across the front of the table? It looks great against a black table cloth. The gold and glitter circles were sewed into a garland with a sewing machine - you sew through the circle, then pull the cotton and then sew the next one – easy peasy! If you don’t have a sewing machine and sewing is not your thing, you can just as easily glue the garland to a piece of string with a glue gun – a glue gun is an absolute must if you can get your hands on one! They are not very expensive and we used ours extensively for this set up! When you glue these circles, be sure to put a dot of glue at each side of the circle, so the garland lies flat on your tablecloth.

Graduation Party cupcake toppers and wrappers

Rich, dark chocolate cupcakes suit this theme just perfectly! Chocolate cupcakes, with an extra dollop of cocoa in the icing for that deep, chocolatey hue. Make them sparkle with gold glitter cupcake wrappers and customizable cupcake toppers. They will be a hit, we guarantee it!

Graduation party celebration - clever cookies!

Sticking with the food (and we all love food), this display of Oreo Cookies (AKA Clever Cookies) is made special by the way it is arranged and the awesome glitter-border food label. We used two boxes of Oreos for this. Winner!

Graduation party - Ferrero Rocher balls

So, how do you get those amazing golden balls of Ferrero Rocher to look so spectacular? And stay in that beautiful round shape? I hear you ask. Well, let us tell you! We used a polystyrene ball, and glue gunned the Ferrero Rochers to the polystyrene. There you go! It really looks effective! We used two identical white vases to put the balls into – creates a great POP of gold!

Graduation party thank you favor tag - black and gold

Keep the theme going all the way through – Thank-You favor tags that you can customize with your own message – your guests will be delighted!


Love something different for your Graduation set up? A flash of feminine florals? More glitz? Different colors your thing? Search our website for the full range of graduation invitations and party decor, bet you'll find something you just LOVE!

Graduation banner - lack, white and floral
Graduation invitation blue glitter
Graduation invitation purple and gold


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