Cute Girly Superhero Party Ideas

Hello there beautiful people! Today I am featuring my very special friend's daughter's party...Yes, you guessed it a Girl Superhero Party. Wow that was a mouthful. A superhero party is always a fun idea because it is so colorful and vibrant and there are SO SO SO many good ideas to put to use. And there is a dash of sparkly too, think gold capes or glittery masks or even sequined waist bands. It is magic I tell you! Note the sparkly-ness :)

Superhero Invitation For A Girl

Girl Superhero Party

My friend Gina did such an AMAZING job with this party. She went all you will see in the pics below! I mean she covered all those boxes and stuck alllllll those white sticker "windows" on. I know how much work this was....BUT it is always worth it, isn't it?

Superhero Party Table

She got her hubby to make this cute telephone cubicle. Outsourcing tasks is a streak of genius when it comes to party planning. Hee hee. I always try and outsource at least one task to my hubby. You've got to get them involved you know! :)

Superhero Party Ideas

The bam, pow, boom cake. Yes, I know, the superhero looks a little wired here but maybe she just had a little too much candy?

Superhero Cake Ideas

So these cupcakes were piped using a French tip/nozzle. Swirly and so pretty, don't ya think? I could eat one of these right now. Or two. Maybe three.

Superhero Birthday Party Cupcake Toppers

These little lollipops were dressed up as superheroes...loved the flared up capes - these must be the coolest looking lollipops in town.

Superhero Birthday Party Ideas

Kabooooom. Popcorn wrapped up in comic paper.

Superhero Birthday Party Food Ideas

It is the cutest, most edible shield ever, with marshmallows, grapes and strawberries with a sweet dip in the middle.

Superhero Birthday Party Healthy Food Ideas

And here we have Kryptonite Krispies....coming up with these names is always fun. Brainwork we luff you.

Superhero Birthday Party Food Idea

Super pop anyone??

Superhero Party Cake Pops

Coconut Ice disguised as cosmic blocks.

Superhero Party Food

More super power shields! Biscuits + frosting + cherries :)

Superhero Birthday Party Fun Food Idea

And here we have layers of jello and custard...and the name fits perfectly - Instant Energy. LOTS of it.

Superhero Party Food Ideas

And yes, my superhero friend DID in fact sew each child a superhero cape. Because that is what superhero mommies do. They just whip out their sewing machine and put these together like 1-2-3. Oh you don't have a sewing machine?? Remember what I mentioned earlier about outsourcing? Yes! Booom! OUTSOURCE. Find a friend that does have a sewing machine and outsource all that fun to her. Pay her in instant energy, cosmic blocks, power pops and Kryptonite Crispies.

Superhero Party Cape

Zap, bam, boom straws!

Superhero Birthday Straw Flags

And in case there wasn't enough energy to go around....try some flash, pop, flash drinks :)

Superhero Birthday Party Water Bottle Labels

And because my friend didn't have enough to do, she also cut out little lightning bolts to attach to those lollipop capes you saw earlier.

Superhero Birthday Party Idea

...And managed to make these masks too. I know, you can sigh with me. *Cue Superhero Music* YOU can do this party to! It just requires planning - you can make a lot of these items way before the actual party.

Superhero Costume Ideas

Full Printable Set Includes:

1. Themed Party Invitation (5" x 7") (Print two invitations per page) 2. 2" Cupcake Toppers (make tags and labels with these too) 3. Decorative Food Labels (3.7" x 4.7") 4. Water / Drinks Labels (7.8" x 2") 5. Favor/Thank-you Tags (2.4" x 2.4") 6. A Fun Welcome Sign (hang this on the front door or in the party area) (7.4" x 10.8") 7. Happy Birthday Banner (Each letter panel is 5.3" x 6.2" – Total 14 Panels) 8. Mini Straw flags 9. Mini cake Bunting 10. Cupcake wrappers



Superheroes are cool, so superhero parties and therefore very cool. I have listed below some ideas and names of party food and drink to use including the names mentioned above.


  • Kryptonite Crispies
  • Instant Energy
  • Superpower Shields
  • Super Pops
  • Cosmic Blocks
  • Boom! Bars
  • Brain Pow-er
  • Catwoman Claws
  • Batman Bars
  • Superman Sarmies
  • Wonder Dog


  • Thor's Lightning Lemonade
  • Hero H20
  • Hulk Punch
  • Pow! Punch
  • Super Juice


  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Black (secondary/accent color)
  • Red (just small accents her and there if needed)


  • Skyscape of high rise buildings - use black buildings with yellow windows or buildings in the color of the theme ie. pink, yellow and blue, with white windows.
  • Polka dot backdrop


  • Use lots of Bam! Pow! Boom! signs to add color and excitement.
  • Use color to bring life to the table - drape capes and masks over or alongside food jars or "buildings"
  • Add flashes of lightning to the table by cutting out yellow card in the shape of a thunder bolt.


  • I have seen a lot of cakes with 3 layers done in fondant and each layer represents a different superhero character ie. superwoman, batwoman, spiderwoman!
  • A cake in the shape of Superwoman's badge.
  • A plain pastel pink fondant cake with "buildings" adorned to the outside.


  • Candy in the theme colors with a tag that says hop you had a blast / thank-you for coming to save the day!
  • Make capes or masks for each child
  • Cookies in the shape of superwoman's badge/emblem 




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