Free Party Table Set-Up Guide

Oh you guys! I have this awesome-ness for you today! It is a guide! A guide to setting up your party table to make it look professional and stylish! Oh yes!!!!! And it is yours for free. We use these templates to set-up our party tables and the advice is invaluable. When I first started setting up party tables, I knew I wanted them to look like the ones I saw on Pinterest but I didn't quite know how to put it together perfectly. That is because there is an actual technique to setting up these tables; it involves shaping, layering, and creating different heights. I mean, who knew???!!

Download the Guide Here

How To Create The Perfect Party Table

The diagram below gives you a sneak peak of the guide and the different types of table set-up designs. Notice the feint triangles - those are there to show you the different shapes you can create when styling a table - the layouts are all designed to create a focal point/s and symmetry which create a visually attractive table. You can read more and download your guide here

How To Create A Party Table

 Download the Guide Here


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