Little Lumberjack Party - outdoor adventures, grizzly bears, campfires and so much s'more!

Hmmm…..what to do for a two year old boy’s birthday party theme?


  • Ollie is turning 2
  • He is the youngest of three brothers (therefore, a tough guy)
  • He needs a kick ass party. No unicorns and fairies please.


Lumberjack. Yeah. Perfect. Lots of plaid, nature, wood, logs, pine cones and being in the great outdoors. Then, cosy campfires, s’mores and scary stories about the bears you chased away today. And we can’t let the little lumberjacks go thirsty, they’ll need lots of lumberjack lager and lattes.

So, that is how Lou got to create this awesome Little Lumberjack party set up for her handsome little logging man. With loads of Buffalo plaid, burly hessian and a hefty crumpet cake, this was definitely Lumberjack land!

Using our digital printables for the cupcakes, invites, labels, signage, lumberjack beards, bunting and mini bunting, favor tags and more, Lou used her creative flair to set the perfect lumberjack theme. Check it out!

Little Lumberjack Party Main table set up

How gorgeous, rustic and fresh is this little lumberjack main table set up? Bright green plants, rough-hewn logs, hessian bunting, crumpet cake, tartan cupcake wrappers and toppers and all the printables for favors, labels, signage, even beards for our macho little loggers available as part of the set!

Tartan and fir trees and frosting on icing! Lumberjack cupcake wrappers and toppers

Little lumberjack party food labels

Make everything about the forest – we used hessian fabric, pine cones, our printable food labels and some wood and lanterns.

Little lumberjack flapjack cake with plaid mini cake bunting

 Lumberjacks don’t do cakes, they do PANCAKES! Ollie’s Mom Lou used a flapjack recipe with a little extra baking powder and fresh forest berries and syrup to make this flapjack feast of a birthday cake! The plaid mini cake bunting was the perfect finish!

Little lumberjack party favor tags

Party favor thank-you tags – we were so plaid they came!

Little lumberjack party plaid border favor tags

Logging and bears and the great outdoors! Add in a shiny red truck and actual chocolate and your little loggers get VERY happy!

Little lumberjack party directional signage printables

Use these awesome signage templates to let the lumberjacks know where to go. And warn them of course…you know, bears.

Little lumberjack party birthday bunting

Ollie’s plaid birthday bunting looked great against wooden doors.

Little lumberjack party drinks container labels

We all know that lumber jacking is thirsty work! So we had some ‘lager’ (ok, Snapple) ready on tap for the thirsty boys!

Birthday boy Ollie (2 years, the one with chocolate log on his nose) surrounded by his awesome big brother loggers Will and Tom. The matching plaid shirts – awesome touch!

Little lumberjack party savory platter

Hmm….great forest pickings! The parents were kept happily munching on the most delectable Mediterranean platter cold meats, cherry tomatoes, wraps and delicious dips.

Little lumberjack mini cake bunting

Ollie and his cake – happy little boy!

Little lumberjack party favors - match box covers

How cool are these for party favors! Little bundles of wood sticks and some lumberjack matches. Of course, only to be lit by Mom or Dad!

Little lumberjack treat bag toppers - s'mores to go!

Gooey and yummy and delightful – what could be cooler than a s’more to go? Personalize a bag of lumberjack treats with a treat bag topper.

Little lumberjack drinks labels - lumberjack lattes

Go wild with your food labels – we chose to go with lumberjack lattes but there is no limit for where you can go with this!


Little lumberjack party beard mask printable

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  • Congratulations to you clever girls, well done on another amazing theme, perfect kiddie eats and drinks and yummy adult snacks.

    Mary Webster on

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