The Coolest Fireman Party Ever

My little boy Thomas turned 5 in October and it has taken me this long to blog about it! Oh my gosh! All he wanted was fireman party so many boys I guess. The greatest thing about about kids getting bigger is that you can actually ask them what kind of party they want. Well, not always, as I write this I just thought of the time I asked my 3 year old and he said he wanted a motorbike-aeroplane-dinosaur party. Mmmm. Hah hah! So we updated our old fireman invitation to something a little more funky and vibrant and we came up with this:

Chalkboard Fireman Party Invitation

HOW COOL???! I cropped mine into a JPEG and emailed my invites out. How do you send yours? Print or email? The greatest thing about these printables is that is takes a lot of the hard work out of setting up a party and adds a little flair to the party table itself. The full printable collection for this party is quite extensive so there was quite a bit of cutting involved but nothing over the top! :) More on the package later!

Chalkboard Fireman Party Table

I had a great brick wall - by luck - as a background and then made a crepe paper background that sat against the wall. Naturally, I used vibrant red, yellow and orange as my main colors and then black as a secondary color. The red fire hydrants were made out of plastic plumbing parts and put together and spray painted by my hubby. He always gets delegated at least one task :)

Fireman Party Cupcake Toppers

Let's talk about these cupcakes for a second. They were made by yours truly. Yep. I actually can't believe they came out so well. All I did was make 3 batches of icing sugar - one red, one yellow and one orange. I then used a large piping bag and put a little of each color in the bag and piped each cupcake. SO EASY!! I popped the cupcake toppers on top and that was that. I made chocolate cupcakes because they a.) went well with the theme and b.) they tend to retain their moisture really well because I made them with oil and yogurt as opposed to butter and milk.

Fireman Birthday Party Cake

I dotted the cupcakes at the base of the cake stand acting as "fire" and then cut out some flames that are in the full party package to stick around the inside of the cake stand. And then I made a chocolate cake and placed a toy fire engine on top. Thomas LOVED it and it was super easy....As you can see....

Chalkboard Fireman Birthday Party

Okay so let's look at some of the food options I used. I used chocolate bars with red wrappers and called them FIREHOUSE POLES. I added a strip of red chevron washi tape around the top of the jar as well as some red electrical tape and placed a fireman's hat on top of the jar.

Chalkboard Fireman Party Decoration Ideas

I found some red licorice at a local shop and called them FIRE HYDRANTS and placed them in a small glass/mason jar.

Chalkboard Fireman Party Sweets

Aaah I couldn't help it. I am the mother of boys, what can I say. Chocolate balls = DALMATIAN DROPPINGS. 

Chalkboard Fireman Party Candy

Adding some fruit to the fiery mix, I called these fruit kebabs FLAMING FIRE FRUIT STICKS. I alternated strawberries with pieces of pineapple.

Fireman Party Healthy Food Ideas

Ooooh these apricot candies are so delicious. I might have bought these for my personal interests hee hee. You can't really see them in this pic but they are a roundish shape - roundish enough for me to have called them GREAT BALLS OF FIRE.

Chalkboard Fireman Party Candy Ideas

I called the black liquorice FIRE HOSES but it could have equally being called SAFETY ROPE or something to that effect. Again I used washi tape here to attached the labels.

Chalkboard Fireman Party Ideas

This jar of massive marshmallows came with this red ribbon so I decided to just keep it on! This was definitely going to be called FIREMAN'S FOAM - I mean just look at how soft and squishy they look. I wouldn't mind being doused with all of those. Or just even landing in a pile of them. Yes?

Chalkboard Fireman Party Signs

For drinks, I served water as FIRETRUCK WATER and juice as FIRETRUCK FUEL. I also served tea, coffee and ice teas for the adults. These juice/water dispensers are an absolute win. If you don't have one, you neeeeeeeed to get one. They are magical party lifesavers and they look kinda cool too!

Chalkboard Fireman Party Drinks Ideas

Chalkboard Fireman Party Drinks

I also served water in little bottles for the kids and called them "FIRE EXTINGUISHERS".

Fireman Party Water Bottle Labels

And now you can feel free to laugh at me, and some of my friends did....for the favors, I gave each child a box of matches with a magnet on the back with the view of putting the magnet on the fridge. Again, as a mom of boys, I have to be careful with this because my boys can be little pyromaniacs at times but we (my husband and I) have always agreed that they need to learn how to behave around fire and know the dangers, but that it can also be used safely. So I told each parent they could hide the matches or use as intended as a fridge magnet with matches attached. The thank-you labels were stuck on front and the magnets on the back. What do you think of this idea? You could have easily given away a small amount of red, orange or yellow candy but I prefer generally, to give away something non-candy.

Fireman Party Favors

Oh let us just look at this cutie cake again. Do you like the cake stand? My friend actually made this for me as I had been eyeing out some galvanised cake stand online but they were just too expensive to get here with shipping etc. And this is way better than any I could have bought.

Chalkboard Fireman Party Cake

The Happy Birthday Banner was placed over the backdrop and we actually had to stick it down with double sided tape as it was rather windy that afternoon.

Chalkboard Fireman Party Dessert Table


  1. Themed Party Invitation (5" x 7")
  2. 2" Cupcake Toppers (make tags and labels with these too)
  3. Decorative Food Labels (3.7" x 4.7")
  4. Water / Drinks Labels (7.8" x 2")
  5. Favor/Thank-you Tags (2" x 4")
  6. 2 x Party Game Signs (5" x 7")
  7. Happy Birthday Banner (All text is editable Each letter panel is 5.3" x 6.2" – Total 20 Panels)
  8. 18''x24'' Badge Poster (Can be used as a table backdrop


  1. 8.5'' x 11'' Flames on for crafting or decor
  2. 11'' x 17'' Flames for crafting or decor
  3. Red Chevron Bunting printable.




Fireman Party Table Decorations

The fireman party is a vibrant and fun party to have for your little boy - there are SO many ideas that you can implement to make it a memorable day, let alone one that looks AMAZEBALLS!! Let's recap on some ideas:

Firehouse Poles Dalmatian Droppings Fire Hydrants Fireman's Foam Fire Hoses Safety Rope Great Balls of Fire Flaming Fire Fruit Sticks

Firetruck Water Fire Extinguishers Firetruck Fuel

Red Orange Yellow Black (secondary color)

Crepe Banner or Create a fabric banner with colors in the color palette.


Flames cut out of card from the full party package and placed on the party table Fireman's helmet Fire hydrants (made my you or your crafty DIY hubby :) ) Red Chevron bunting on the front of the table - also in the full party pack. Red / silver buckets Galvanised buckets / items such as a galvanised cake stand. Ladders Red fireman jackets Fireman boots Old wooden boxes.


A chocolate cake with a toy firetruck on top with flaming cupcakes around it Or just a huge tray of flaming cupcakes :) Firetruck out of fondant or buttercream - if you are feeling like the domestic goddess. I was too nervous to create a firetruck but I guess you can always outsource this to a cake shop?


A box of matches with a magnet on the back. Red, yellow or orange candy Fireman hats Dalmatian droppings - chocolate balls Fireman cloaks/jackets A pack of red, orange and yellow streamers and call it blazing fire balls! Dalmatian keyrings.




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