Celebrating Einstein's 137th Birthday with a Fun Science Party

On the 14th March 2016, Albert Einstein would have celebrated his 137th birthday! In celebration of all things science and of course, the contribution this great man made to the world, we threw a bright and colorful science party. Welcome to our grand experiment!

Science Experiment Party Dessert Table Set-Up

This full party printable set was designed and based on our science party invitation. We went for bright, almost neon colors that you might see in the laboratory of a mad scientist! I think my favorite part of the party was all the wild lime green!! The backdrop which is included in the full set, (which you would need to take to a large format printer), was printed onto 200 gram board and attached to the wall with mounting putty or blu tack. Happy 137th Birthday Mr Einstein!

Science Party Cupcake Toppers And Wrappers

Homemade Sugar cookies - a team effort in decorating these babies. We are slowly learning how to do Sugar Cookies!!! They are so much fun!

Science Experiment Party Food Ideas

This gorgeous cake was made by my amazing team member, Catherine or "Martha" as she is often referred :) The mini cake bunting was accented by the beaker behind it, full of water and blue coloring.

Science Experiment Party Birthday Cake Ideas

The printable happy birthday banner up close!

Science Experiment Happy Birthday Banner

We always have fun naming our food - these macaroons were named "nuclei". I had this made-to-look-vintage light sitting in my office cupboard and whipped it out when we were styling the table - we thought it was an appropriate addition. What do you think?

Science Experiment Birthday Party Ideas

Green gum balls disguised as "Plasma Balls" - this is a real science term by the way!!

Science Experiment Birthday Party Food Idea

Colorful chocolate covered peanuts as "Atoms"...

Science Experiment Food Labels

The only animal testing we did here was on these delicious marshmallow "Lab Rats".

Science Party Food Labels

And then for the fun part! We organised "Fun Science" to come in and do experiments with our kids. They were mesmerized for the full hour! This is unheard of for 3-5 year olds right??? Yes!

Science Experiment Party Experiments

My boy is absolutely mesmerized - here he is trying to get the water from one bottle to the next and making whirlpools in the process.

Science Experiment Party Fun

The girls had their turn too..

Science Party Experiments

Absolute magic - Changing the color of water!

Science Experiment Party

Katya the scientist in action.

Science Experiment Party Games

Inflating balloons with bicarbonate of soda...you can just see the delight on their faces.

Science Experiment Fun Party Games

And wonder in those eyes...

Science Experiment Party Scientist

Test-tubes with green sweet-sour candy were the favors for the party and the Thank-you tags included a famous yet simple Einstein quote - "Never Stop Questioning".

Science Party Favors

Thanks for joining us for our grand experiment! You can purchase the full party printable set right here. The Science Party Printable Set Includes: 1. Themed Party Invitation (5" x 7") (Print two invitations per page) 2. 2" Cupcake Toppers (make tags and labels with these too) 3. Decorative Food Labels (3.7" x 4.7") 4. Favor/Thank-you Tags (2" x 4") 6. 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' Banner (Each letter panel is 5.3" x 6.2" – All text is editable) 7. Cupcake Collars 8. Mini Cake Bunting 9. Water Bottle Labels (2''x7'') 10. Test tube Garland 11. Printable Backdrop - 1.2m x 2m (3.9 ft x 6.5 ft)

Science Experiment Party Decorations




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