Yes, it’s true, we make loads of people happy by creating beautiful parties and crafts for all occasions. We get to design and make everything really pretty. And drink a lot of tea, and fairly often we have our cake and eat it!

But we also work really hard and strive for perfection. Part of the fun is always knowing we have created something truly unique and special, by combining our talents and giving 100% to every project we create.


Lou can do anything. Creatively, and as an entrepreneur and businesswoman. Inspiration flows through her veins, and so do new ideas, and better ways of doing things! Lou started Sunshine Parties in 2011 and still has a major hand in the day-to-day creative direction and design output of the business. She steers the Sunshine Parties ship with one hand, while keeping her 3 little boys in check with the other, and running two other businesses on the side! Oh, and taking gorgeous photos of it all along the way.


Cath has her very own superpowers! If you look at the world through Cath’s eyes, it has all been made beautiful and stylish. As the artist and graphic designer of our beautiful party and craft designs, she is the engine room of Sunshine Parties. AND, she is super organized. Her ‘other’ business is interior design. All done with two super cute little girls in tow, naturally!


Tee is our customer support guru. She is patient and kind and will go more than just the extra mile to make sure every customer gets all the support they need. And she wouldn’t be a Sunshine Parties girl if she didn’t have oodles of creativity – as a qualified fashion designer. She also has two gorgeous girls, who are following in her seamstress and designer footsteps it seems!


Caz is the one with the words! Always something to say about everything, they just pour out of her! A journalist and copywriter, she makes sure you get to know all about Sunshine Parties and our fabulous products – whether it’s creating a special discount for you or whipping up a blog post or two. And, after hours she writes some more for her clients all over the world. And runs after two very busy boys!

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