Habits of an Organized Tooth Fairy

One of the best bits about becoming a parent is that you get to be a child again (sometimes!) And this time around, you get to actually call some of the shots too! Yup, in amongst the responsibilities and the sleepless nights are glittering gems of magic and mystery that you can claim all for yourself.

Like being the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, or the Easter Bunny.

Letting go of baby teeth can be a little bit scary if you are 5, 6 or 7 years old, and not sure what is going on. Imagine – all of a sudden a tooth is wobbly or has come out, what's happening? So, chatting about baby teeth coming out, and big teeth coming in, and even more important, the tooth fairy and her story, is a great idea.

And the secret to BEING the best tooth fairy you can be – get organized, get your twinkle on and make it a magical ride! I was accused of having handwriting that was suspiciously similar to the tooth fairy. Don’t make this rookie mistake!

So, making childhood even more magical was the inspiration behind one of the cutest sets of printables yet. The Tooth Fairy set! In pink for girls and blue for boys, it is irresistible – who doesn’t want to be a kid again?

The Organized Tooth Fairy:

1) Writes a letter BEFORE the tooth is completely out, and leaves a lost tooth report. She’s really organized. You can fill the all the gory details in the report with your child- The tooth fairy needs to know the specifics!

Tooth Fairy letter and tooth fairy report

2) Makes sure to let the tooth fairy know that she is welcome in the toothless one’s bedroom. This is my favorite! It’s soooo cute!

Tooth fairy door hanger sign please come in

3) Leaves a certificate of receipt for the tooth! With an ‘APPROVED’ stamp. And all the details can be typed or handwritten. And she doesn’t stop there. A Customer Copy Receipt for what she has taken (the tooth) and left behind (that’s up to you.) A polite thank-you for the tooth and reminder to brush – aww!  Don’t you just adore her? She’s so on top of her game!

Tooth Fairy Certificate

Tooth Fairy customer copy receipt

4) If you have real fairy magic in you, you will want to keep going a little after the ‘main event’ (the tooth fairy’s actual night time visit.) So, she has thoughtfully provided a photo prop poster, so you can have a little photo shoot with your gorgeous, gappy sprog and send to the rest of the clan. And put up on the bedroom wall for after!

Tooth fairy I Lost My First Tooth photo booth poster

5) And just to round up the whole experience? A chart for tracking the next white wobbly. You know the little one will be looking forward to it with delight!

Tooth fairy track your teeth chart

Grab this downloadable set, or just one or two items that you simply must have. Personalize (either in typed font or handwriting) and print. You super-organized tooth fairy – good job!

Tooth fairy certificate, chart, report, door hanger sign, receipt, photo prop poster


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