Need Help Riggin' Up A Pirate Shindig? I'll Hook You Up...

Ahoy, me hearty!

Some party themes are so enduring – they never get tired. Classic example? PIRATE PARTY!

There is SOOOOO much you can do, it’s really easy to pull off effectively, and such a hit with the kids. 

When my cheery little Ollie turned 3, we felt it was high time -  for a pirate party! Bring on the dramatic colors, eye patches, bandanas, frayed pants, hooks and mustaches! Bring on the rolling R’s and funny pirate talk, bring on the treasure, bring on the ADVENTURE!

So, we created THIS swashbuckling pirate party set - it includes EVERYTHING you need for pirate party activities, food, drinks, cake and cupcake labelling and ideas, party decor and party signs.

You can download the full set here.

Pirate Party Invitation and Treasure Map
Pirate party table set up

Aye, it's the main party table. Bold, bright, and none too tidy, ye hear? Using alternating royal blue, turquoise blue and white crepe streamers behind the table gave a great ocean effect. Some hessian, a Jolly Roger (that's the skull and crossbones to you landlubbers), a cool party banner and props give just the right piratey effect. We used glass jars, tin, wood and various pirate props such as cutlass, gold coins, pirate hat and signage to add all the interest here.

Pirate Party Tattoos and signs - Get Inked

What's the first thing your mateys will need to do when they arrive? Get inked of course! Print these cool skull and crossbone, compass and anchor designs on tattoo paper, so the lads and lassies can get on with the party! The sign lets you know what you must do, and is editable, so you can change it to whatever your little pirate's party plan is! Tip: we used this printer's tray for the display, along with some haphazard gold coins thrown artfully about. The wooden texture and compartments worked well here, along with the sign, bold black & white stripe table runner and pirate hat.

OK, I suppose we need to feed these little Jack Tars and lasses....some food and drink ideas.....

Pirate Party Food Labels - Scurvy Savers
Pirate Party Drinks Labels - Shark Infested Waters
Pirate Party Cake Toppers and Cupcake Toppers

The cake was a simple chocolate sponge base with chocolate buttercream and chocolate sauce drip, topped with a smaller iced choc cake and surrounded by choc cupcakes with blue and white 'ocean' piped buttercream. Putting it on a raised stand, and including some flag, coins, a palm tree and props made it look proper piratey! PS - the pirate party set includes an awesome pirate ship topper, ocean cake wrapper and 4 different types of round cupcake toppers (editable) PLUS these cool Jolly Roger flag toppers. 

Pirate Name Poster - What Be Your Pirate Name?

Harrrrr! What be YOUR pirate name?

Pirate Party Dress Up - Pick and Pillage

Throw together some pirate props in a box - patches, hats, bandanas, hand hooks, a toy get the idea...and use this sign. Now your mates have a pirate name, they've been inked, they'll need a real Mc Coy pirate look too.

Pirate Party Make A Catapult party Activity

All that time out at sea, and sometimes you're in the doldrums, yer need some entertaining! You can make a pirate catapult (all printables supplied) or play a jolly ol' game of bingo!

Pirate Bingo Party Activity
Pirate Party Directional Signage

With all these activities, some pirates might not be savvy as to where it's all at. So, some signage will help them along with their passage!

Pirate Party Cake and Candles

And look at Cap'n Ollie's face as his mates sang a sea shanty (ok, Happy Birthday) to him! Awwwwww....

Pirate Party Favors and Favor Tags

And when the ol' lady or the ol' man (parents) say it's time to set sail, no one leaves empty handed! We did jewel shaped wax crayons (treasure, of course) made by melting old crayons and setting them in a silicon jewel mold we found! Along with some choc gold coins. Make sure there's enough for everyone, or there will be mutiny in the ranks!

I have to tell you, the Pirate Party Set is an absolute treasure! Packed full of 43 different party printables, it's wise to order it now!

Arrrrrrrrrr, there is another party coming soon, so I'll be off, all hands on deck....

Pirate Party Ideas


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